Is The Male Fashion Industry Worthy of Women’s Investment

The fashion industry remains a male-dominated field, despite women spending fortunes on clothes and accessories. However, with new trends hitting the market every day, we see more women join the fashion world. However, the male and female fashion differs slightly. And with new products appealing to more expansive crowds, like collections of the best men’s green bomber jackets, the question of whether the male fashion industry is a worthwhile investment for women arises.

How is the male fashion industry different from its female counterpart?

From the richest man in the fashion industry, Bernard Arnault, to most designers, men take up a considerable percentage of the personnel in fashion. However, this matches their skills, which puts women as a minority in the industry. However, with the contribution of fashion to many economic developments, and the continued progress of style among people, it is safe to say that the fashion industry is here to stay.

With that said, you can note the difference between the male and female fashion. While menswear derives their design from tradition and detail, they borrow more from their female counterpart.

On the other hand, male fashion operates on a tighter framework because there are no vast concepts in the wear. The designs follow reality to a more significant part and draw inspiration from primary core references, sports, tailoring, and military uniform, hence products like the men’s green bomber jackets.

Women, on the other hand, have a more elaborate fashion code. That means they can pull off what men wear and some more.

Male Fashion Industry Worthy of Women’s Investment

What should you consider before investing in fashion?

Despite fashion being a feminized industry, many more men are taking home awards and winning prizes for their designs. This does not imply that women have no place in fashion, but in fact, the opposite. With the value put by women into quality product assortment, having more women design clothes for men means better quality.

The days when women were considered quiet, diminutive, or unable to commit to their craft fully are long gone. Now, they are finding a place in the male-dominated industry.

But, before you go pulling accounts and taking loans to invest in male fashion, below are some things to consider:

  1. A market gap you can fill quickly- the male fashion industry has remained relatively constant for a long time. And unlike women’s wear, which changes with every season, you need to study the market carefully before investing. Breaking into the market is not so simple and requires preparation to hold.


  1. Choose a niche that suits your network- if you have male friends who enjoy rocking casual wear, then starting an official clothing line may not speak to them. However, if you choose to produce the best men’s bomber jackets they have ever tried, you are more likely to have a positive start.


  1. Fashion goes beyond quality- male shoppers prefer better employee performance than women who go for product assortment. Consider that when venturing into menswear.


How do you choose your mark?

Clothes are inherently a gender. They represent class, status, and gender. And once you have studies the gender consumption patterns of your target audience, you can achieve a breakthrough by filing an existing market gap.

Men appear to shop less compared to women, but the male fashion industry remains relatively grounded over time. And even if they visit malls less, impeccable designs, product assortment, more access to the clothes they want, and customer compatibility can drive success among men.

So, if you are a woman looking to invest in the male fashion industry, capturing these parameters in your business plan can almost guarantee success. You don’t need to be a designer or an artist, just a good businesswoman who understands market dynamics.

Successful women who have invested in male fashion

1. Veronique Nichanian

Ever since Hermes’ ventured into fashion, Veronique has steadily led the fashion house into success year and year. Her insight relaxed tailoring, fabric development, and sporty layers has seen Hermes’ grow beyond bounds in the menswear industry.

Nichanian has achieved this great deal of success by focusing less on the hype around their products and more on the collection presentation of their clothes.

2. Astrid Andersen

From global recognition among stars like Drake, A$AP, and Rocky, Anderson has earned her sport in fashion. Her men’s leisurewear collection is becoming a choice among young people, with her aesthetic, eye-catching designs.

3. Katie Eary

Katy brings a spirit of disobedience in her designs. She pushes the bounds and delivers on much-needed new ideas in the male fashion industry. Thanks to her daring nature, the male fashion industry now has color-saturated digital prints that not only make a statement but break the norms etched into this male-dominated world.

These fashion giants are just a few. But the path has been laid, and now more women can break even at male fashion. Like said before, a good study of the market can show you a gap that you can fill and earn your share in the male fashion industry.

So, where do women stand in men’s fashion?

It is a sad truth, but women are still not as involved in the fashion industry, especially men’s fashion, as their male counterparts. However, with strong frontrunners setting up paths and paving ways for more women to join in, either in setting business or designing cloth lines, women now have a chance to break into the market.

Besides, with more and more people identifying with non-conventional genders, it is becoming necessary to have some of the features in the female fashion industry included in menswear. And who better deliver on the female touch than women invested in the male fashion industry?